Co-Founder and Psyciatrist: User:Blaze Sol, The Emperess of Ice and Snow


Blaze Sol is a young girl (named Rachel) who lives with her parents in Australia. She is always happy to help others. When she grows up, she wishes to be a filmmaker and actress.


Blaze (aka Glacier) has two main interests. Playing video games and creating Fanfictions. The main series she follows are Sonic the Hedgehog, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars and Pokemon.

She also loves watching TV, drawing, helping other people, listening to music and going on social networking sites (not Facebook or Twitter).


Blaze has a kind but very sensitive heart. She always wants to help her friends, but hates being mistreated, misunderstood or teased, and takes them VERY seriously.

She occassionally be a bit stubborn and bossy, mostly without meaning to be, so may seem unlikeable at times.

She is also quite calm, though can become very annoyed at the smallest things sometimes.